How India’s second wave became the worst covid-19 surge

It has been more than one year since the covid-19 outbreak in India. The covid-19 impact is varied across the nations, while the advanced countries where the infection rate so high as slowdown with their high vaccination rate. The impact in India was mild with lower cases and death tolls, until April 2021. since mid-April India got devastated with the sudden surge in the ongoing covid-19.

In mid April India sets a record of 300,000 case every day for almost a week. On 26th of April India sets a world record of 360,960 cases in single day and overall deaths of more than 200,000.

The second wave hits a year after the country imposed one of the most strict lockdown restrictions. It has been only 3 months health ministry announced the lowest infection and deaths have been recorded.

Why India hit with the second wave and much more worst than the first?
After the first wave, people slowly started to drop off their guard, in some of the most badly hit areas people were least care about social distancing and mask-wearing, which leads to community transmission, on the other side mass political rallies for election campaigns and religious events like Kumbh Mela in which thousands of Hindus gather to take dip Ganges river.

With these mixed reasons, a major second wave of the covid-19 emerges in early April. by the end of April, the highest number of cases and death tolls recorded highest in the world. as of May 19 2021, the number of cases recorded was 2.55crores and 2.83lac death

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Why second wave of covid-19 different from the first wave?

In the first wave mostly elder people got infected and mostly were from urban areas. second-wave seems spread more to rural areas, while people travel far to get to the nearest healthcare centre. In some states like Punjab, Uttar pradesh, Bihar health records show that most of the patients come with severe symptoms, because of their travel delay.

Are new variants of coronavirus are to blame for these many causalities? The variant first identified in South Africa, Brazil, and the UK is circulating in India, alongside the Indian variant (B.1.617), which is first identified in October 2020. this variant has spread rapidly and dominating in some parts of the country. scientists are concerned about double mutation in B.1.617 (E484K.El452R) is that two may have an additive effect in making the virus less responsive to antibodies.

Why India fails in the prevention of second wave ?

After the first wave of covid-19 hit, the government only concentrating on how to control, after controlling the first wave of covid-19, the Indian government started relaxing without any preventive measures.

  • India failed in improving the healthcare system and setup oxygen plants which is much necessary.
  • No investment in vaccination production and in increasing the covid-19 care centres.

Serum institute ask for funds to increase the production capacity of the vaccination but no support from the government. but they started the production vaccines by own funds and from Melinda gates foundation.

Pfizer asked India to start production in India but given full of homework and they had withdrawn starting up production in India

April 18, A ferocious tidal wave of coronavirus was crashing over India and breathless people are dying, unable to find a bed or oxygen. It has taken eight months after the pandemic begins for the central government to invite the tender on setup for 162 oxygen plants. Most still weren’t set up to date. Inviting bid has to install oxygen plants in 14 states, but found that only 11 reported that the oxygen plants were installed, of those only five are in working.

How India taken measures after covid-19 second wave surge ?

  • The government has stopped the exports of Covishield vaccines to speed up the vaccination drive in India.
  • Reports say that the government has approved a $610million grant to the serum institute of India and Bharath biotech to ramp up the production, critics say that would have done before.
  • The government approved the Russian vaccine “Sputnik V”. Russia has signed an agreement with five Indian manufacturers.

Who to blame?

We all are responsible as equally as the government, of course, the political leadership behave recklessly by allowing political rallies and religious gatherings. But infections soar even in states where no political and religious gathering were held. We need to remember government can only issue guideline, but we have to follow them when no one watching. Everyone is busy planning their next destination, or reunions. Political leaders are just a reflection of our society and how we act.

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