The present conflict between Israel Palestine

The present scenario between Israel and Palestine has worsened so much, that it looks like a war. Rockets are fired in thousands and many civilians are losing their lives including children’s. Here the question arises, why this conflict started again? to know the answer behind the reason for the conflict, first let’s try to understand the geographical condition of Israel and Palestine by reviewing this map.

Israel-Palestine Map

When you see the map of Israel and Palestine, you clearly see the area of Israel but to find Palestine on the map is a little confused, The highlighted region on the map you can see in the west bank and at the border of Egypt, the green strip is known as the Gaza strip. In this entire map, the areas in green are the places where Palestinians live. some areas that are marked in dark green are the ones governed by the Palestinian government. but the pink-coloured areas in the west bank is controlled by Israel and some Israeli people live there. Isn’t it feels weird by looking at this map that two countries exit as hundreds of different parts? but it has an own history that you will read in the next article. There is no matter of surprise if two countries exits in these many parts surrounded by each other there is bound to be a lot of conflict between them.


In the middle of this map is the city of Jerusalem, a holy city for three religions-Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Jerusalem faces the same situation, the west Jerusalem is under Israel’s control, the majority of people who live here are Israel’s and in the East Jerusalem area, the majority of Palestinian people live there.

Although according to international law east Palestine is a part of Palestine, Israel has occupied that area. Israel claims and believes that the entire Jerusalem city is theirs and Palestinians believes that Jerusalem is theirs. In the last few decades in east Jerusalem, many Palestinian families had to face evictions forcefully by the Israeli government.

On another side if we talk about the Gaza strip the story is different, the Palestinian government has no control over there. it is totally occupied by a political party/militant group called HAMAS. The Palestinian prime minister can only govern the dark green areas in the west bank. Some countries of the world like the USA, Israel, the European Union and Japan have declared HAMAS is a terrorist group. but on other hand, there are some countries like Australia and the UK that only consider its militant wing of HAMAS to be a terrorist group. And there are also countries like china, turkey, Iran and Norway that don’t consider HAMAS as a terrorist group.

HAMAS and the Israeli military often launch rockets against each other. Though Israel has an iron dome, which is a very advanced defence system that keeps them protected against the rockets from HAMAS. The firing of rockets and airstrikes occur between Gaza and Israel. The west bank of Palestine doesn’t have much to do with it no rockets are launched by them. Because Israeli people there too. But the borders in Gaza have clearly defined no Israeli people live there it is clearly a dark green stripe. In fact, Israel has put complete blockades all around Gaza and economically cut off from the rest of the world. due to which the unemployment rate is very high in Gaza. Most of the income source is funds from the people across the world to help the people living there. but of the money spent by the HAMAS to buy weapons and launch rockets. Israel government is accused of illegally occupying the land, by evicting people out of their properties.

Now, let’s talk about current events where it begins with the sheikh jarrah, a neighbourhood in east Jerusalem. where many Palestine families were ordered to evacuate their homes and alongside one week back some of the extremist Jews had provocating rallies in the neighbourhoods of East Jerusalem with slogans of “death to Arabs”. When these rallies passed, fights start between the jews and Arab Muslims communities and tensions start rises. some of the extreme right-wing Israeli politician Arieh king and the Itamar ben-gvit had put fire by giving their extremely provocating speeches. This led to the worsening of the situation on 7 May 2021, Palestinian people were protesting these evictions. this becomes violent stones were thrown, Israeli police tried to control the situation. but protestors crashed with the police and there were injuries on both sides.

On 10 May, the Israeli police entered the AL Aqsa mosque and fired rubber bullets and stun grenades on Palestinian people who were praying there. Israeli police claim that they had information that the Palestinian people are collecting stones to throw on the ring wing people carrying the “death to Arab”slogan. After the mosque incident, the HAMAS group issued an ultimatum to the Israeli troop to stand down from the Al-Aqsa or else they would attack even though the Palestinian living in the west bank hardly have anything to do with HAMAS, but still, they posed as the representative of the Palestinians. after few hours HAMAS started firing rockets in thousands against Israel from the Gaza. when these rockets fell on Israel, Israel started retaliation with a more than 130 airstrike carried out on Gaza . in two days Palestinian has seen more than 50 people and including more than10children have died. on the Israeli side there are more than 5 casualties, and as well as one Indian woman from Kerala has lost her life in a rocket attack.

The question arises here is who is responsible for this conflict? but from both sides, there are no answers instead there is no end for excuses to justify their actions. Israel says that it’s a part of retaliation and HAMAS says that they launched the rockets because the Israelis attacked the mosque and then it went to the history about what happened in the 1967 war.

Some things need to be remembered in this situation which very clear. first thing, what international councils are saying?

  • European Union says that the eviction by Israel is illegal on the grounds of humanitarian basis and leads to increasing of tensions.
  • The UN office of the high commissioner for human rights said that the law enforced by israel is inherently discriminatory and israels to occuipy land is prohibited under the international humanitarian law and that may amount to a war crime.

So it’s clear that Israel occupied the areas of the west bank and eviction of Palestinians. But what HAMAS did is right? absolutely not. In fact, the rockets from the HAMAS are target to the common cities of Israel. It’s a good thing that Israel has the best defence system, Iron Dome, because of this system Israel is protected from rockets launched by HAMAS and their little casualties on Israel side. But if there no protection system, it would cause destruction on the Israeli side and many Israelis would have lost their lives.

Will violence on both side improves the situation? no right it does improve the situation it worsen the situation exponentially. as per the situation at present is that more than 70 people have lost their lives including 17 children. all these common people. But the reality is that extremists on both sides do not see humans they see as a terrorists.

It needs to be understood that all the Palestinians do not support HAMAS and not Israelis support the government actions. In the past, some of the politicians have tried to maintain peace as much as possible. but they were assassinated by the extremist Israeli jews, Yitzhak Rabin is one of them who is assasinated by the jews.

My opinion, for country which as world best defense power they do have to respond violently to violence. instead they can target only militant area and attacks by using their advanced technology.

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